Managed Housing Program


The Vermont State Housing Authority manages properties owned by a number of nonprofit and profit entities. At the present time the managed portfolio is in excess of 1500 units; approximately one third apartment living and two thirds mobile home pads.

The apartment portion consists of multi-dwelling complexes situated throughout Vermont. These complexes are targeted primarily to the lower income population with rental assistance provided in most, but not all, cases. The apartment portfolio is also divided between properties geared toward families and properties geared toward the elderly and disabled.

  • Multi-Family Properties Application – Go Here

The mobile home park portfolio is comprised of a number of parks situated from the Canadian to Massachusetts borders. The parks’ size ranges from 6 to 172 pads serving all income levels.

  • Mobile Home Park Application – Go Here

To apply for any of the properties an application must be completed and, upon receipt by the Authority verified for eligibility and suitability. Eligibility depends upon the property and which program it receives assistance from. Eligibility also encompasses household size and elderly/disabled/handicapped restrictions.

Suitability checks include criminal record checks, credit reports, character references, landlord references, and credit references.

For More Information:

To find out more about the programs, regulations, and procedures followed by the Property Management Division, the following publications and documents are available:

  • HUD Handbook 4350.3 Dwelling Leases – Go Here
  • FmHA Handbook 1930-C Tenant Handbooks – Go Here
  • HUD Regulations 24CFR 812,813 – Go Here
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