Money to Move Program



Vermont State Housing Authority is no longer accepting applications for this program.

Given the high volume of applications received from December 1st – 11th, and due to funding levels set-forth for these programs by the State of Vermont, VSHA may not have adequate funds to pay all applications that have been submitted.

Applications for RHSP, Groups 1 & 2 will be funded based on the date and time the application was received and completed.  Only complete applications received are being considered for payment at this time.

The Group 2B, vacancy loss, applications will not be processed.

Dated 12/28/20


RHSP’s Money to Move Program

To be eligible you must be a Vermont resident and your rental unit must be located in Vermont.

If you have found a landlord with an affordable rental unit to move into, you may be eligible to get help from RHSP’s “Money to Move program.”  The program can cover the money needed to move in.  (For example:  First and last month’s rent plus security deposit.)  It may cover rent payments through the end of the year.

Are you in one of these situations?

  1. Currently staying in a tent, a car or in a place not meant for human habitation
  2. Currently staying in a shelter
  3. Currently staying in a motel/hotel paid for by the state

If you are a Vermonter in one of the three situations above, you can find help through Coordinated Entry.  To find the coordinated entry location for you, call 2-1-1 or check this list

When you find a landlord willing to rent to you and the new rental is not entirely paid for by the coordinated entry program, you may be eligible for the RHSP’s Money to Move program.  Ask a Coordinated Entry worker to learn more.

Do you need to move because you are in one of these situations (or a similar situation)?

  1. You can no longer afford where you live (including costs of utilities/transporation)
  2. The unit needs repairs that aren’t being made
  3. You are suffering harassment where you live
  4. You are living on a friend’s couch
  5. You need to live closer to work, family or school
  6. The size of the unit is too big or too small for you household

If you are a Vermonter in a situation like one of the six above, you cannot stay in your current housing, you may be eligible for help.  The Money to Move program could help you move into a new rental unit.

You must have a landlord willing to rent to you.  You must wait to apply until you have found a place to move to.  You and your new landlord will fill out an application together.  If approved, the money would be sent directly to the landlord.

What will this program pay for?

Money to Move can provide a security deposit and first month’s rent.  Where required, payment of last month’s rent and/or payment of rent through December can be made according to what is required by the landlord in order to let you move in.

Can I apply for back rent and this program?

Yes, you can apply for both.  Apply for back rent while you still live in your current unit.  That will pay off your debt and give you time to find a new place to live.  You can reapply for back rent if you need to.  Once you have found a new place, you and your new landlord should both apply for the Money to Move program.

How do tenants and landlords apply for Money to Move funds?

Tenants who are approved for a new unit and their prospective new landlord can find the application by clicking here:  Money to Move application

This is a single application form that must be completed and signed by BOTH the tenant and the landlord before being submitted by email to  Landlords will also be required to submit a W-9, Direct Deposit form, and a voided check to receive payment.

Landlord Direct Deposit Form

IRS W-9 Form

For questions and assistance with applications and submittals please contact:

Tenants call VT Legal Aid – 1-800-889-2047 or go to

Landlords call VT Landlords Association – 802-985-2764 or 888-569-7368


Is there a maximum amount for Security Deposit or Monthly Rent?

Yes, the Security Deposit is limited to 1 month’s rent, or the VSHA Payment Standard for the location and unit size, whichever is less.  This program will provide payments up to the VSHA Payment Standard per month or the actual amount of rent due for move-in costs, whichever is less, for a household at a single unit who meet eligibility criteria.

VSHA Voucher Payment Standards

Are there limitations to the number of bedrooms in a unit?

Yes.  There is a minimum 1 person bedroom, and a maximum of 2 people per bedroom requirement for Money to Move program assistance.  There are no age or gender requirements for bedroom count.  A Reasonable Accommodation for a change in this policy may be requested in writing to

Is there more help available to tenants at risk of homelessness?

Tenants who are at risk of homelessness can contact their local homelessness prevention agency for help applying for this funding and other resources.  Call 2-1-1 to find your local Community Action agency and other area supports.

Tenants who are at risk of homelessness due to domestic, dating or sexual violence or exploitation are encouraged to work with their local Vermont Network agency.  Visit the Vermont Network website at or call the statewide domestic violence hotline at 800-228-7395, or the sexual violence hotline at 800-489-7273.

Youth who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness are encouraged to contact their local member agency of the Vermont Coalition of Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs.  Visit VCRHYP website or call 2-1-1 for contact information.


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